Tokenizer Platform: Unlocking the Tokenized Future of the Real Estate Industry

Asset tokenization brings financial inclusion by opening up illiquid assets to a large pool of investors. Such a value proposition is particularly useful in the real estate industry. Still, through tokenization, most functions performed by middlemen can be automated through the use of smart contracts, minimizing time and money. In this article, we will discuss what tokenization of real estate is, the types of real estate tokenization, how tokenization works, and the benefits of tokenization to investors and issuers.

What is real estate/property tokenization?

Real estate or property tokenization is the process of representing a fractional ownership interest of an underlying asset in a security token. Tokenization enables property owners to fundraise more efficiently by issuing tokens through security issuance platforms, like Tokenizer, Securitize, Polymath, Swarm, and others.

Security tokens represent a particular portion of shares of the underlying property, and they can be traded on secondary markets. The investors become partial owners of the underlying assets, giving them exclusive access to real estate investments, with transparency and liquidity.

Types of real estate tokenization

The tokenization of real estate can be classified into four main classes based on the type of assets. In the case of a commercial asset or property, it is called commercial real estate tokenization, and if it is a residential asset, it is called residential real estate tokenization.

These are the four main types of tokenization:

· Commercial real estate tokenization

· Residential real estate tokenization

· Single real-estate tokenization

· Trophy real-estate tokenization

How to tokenize real estate/property

Three necessary steps must be followed to tokenize a real estate or property:

To tokenize a property, house, or commercial place, you should look for a regulated blockchain platform with the rights to store ownership onto security tokens.

After that, ensure that the platform also offers the function to the owner to transfer those rights to investors and transfer the complete ownership to someone else in a legal manner.

Real estate tokenization exchange method. Like other securities, the owner should be able to exchange the token for a certain value so that every asset can have its proper value represented in tokens.

The benefits of real estate tokenization to investors

First, the tokenization of real estate eliminates intermediaries. This makes the process of investing in real estate more accessible and cost-effective for investors as well as property owners to raise funds.

Investors can liquidate tokens immediately after buying and at a meager fee.

Tokenization lowers entry barriers to real estate investment. Through fractional ownership, you can be an investor in a property in New York with even $10.

Real estate tokens are backed by physical assets; hence, they carry less risk than cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Tokenizer Blockchain Banking Platform

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