The Future is Now! Tokenization is the Engine to the Future Economy

While crypto investment remains a niche among institutional investors, interest in asset tokenization gains vast momentum.

Financial experts have been talking about the future of the global economy in the recent past, but the future is happening now! One of the significant benefits of digital assets is the power to reimagine the financial markets infrastructure.

The Benefits of a Tokenized Market Economy

Investors from all sectors of the economy are ready to exploit the benefits of asset tokenization. But why is the push toward these types of digital assets? Below are some of the primary benefits of a tokenized market economy representing a traditional asset, like real estate.

Improved Liquidity

When you convert a traditional asset, like a property, bonds, equity, artwork, commodities, etc., buyers and other participants benefit from improved liquidity of tokenized assets on a blockchain network.

Unlike the traditional market day setup, tokenization markets, like the Tokenizer DEX, are open for trading 24/7. This makes tokenized assets more liquid in terms of rapid transactions.

Tokenization also opens up these assets by matching supply and demand in new ways never experienced before.

Fractional Ownership of Assets

The second benefit of a tokenized economy is the elimination of entry barriers to investment in higher-value assets.

Minimum participation investments lock many investors out of a market. Investors who love to diversify their investment portfolio may want to limit any particular holding, and a minimum investment works against this principle. Besides, smaller traders have limited investment funds, but they are willing to participate and contribute to the world economy's success.  In the above scenario, tokenized assets offer the same flexibility as tools, such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In other words, they abstract the asset into something that can be purchased in fractions.

Low Transactional Costs

For traditional assets, especially real estate, you will use hundreds of dollars to make any significant sale refinance and other transactions. The fees that accompany traditional asset transactions are so huge that they have spawned their own industry. Participants devote several hours and money to meet the comprehensive requirements of the transactions.  When you tokenize your assets on a blockchain, the complexity of transactions and intermediaries are eliminated from the equation. This frees up money that would otherwise be wasted in an average asset transaction.

Automatic Settlement Features

Apart from lowering transactional costs, asset tokenization also saves time for participants. Most traditional verification methods establish security benchmarks for fiat money investments. A blockchain asset strategy eliminates most of these requirements as well. ç

More robust Compliance and Regulatory Standards for Tokenized Assets

Regulators worldwide have often struggled with how to handle new asset classes. This applies to crypto, but a tokenized asset differs a lot from cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. It is a representation of some real-world assets that can be verified on the market. Asset-backed tokens resemble stablecoins more- tokens pegged to other assets like fiat money.

Asset tokenization offers regulators a forward-facing roadmap and better relationships with market participants who must report to these agencies.

Generally, tokenization fosters trust and facilitates other partnerships that will ultimately bring the vibrant blockchain use cases to the world.

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