BCX: The Token Powering Tokenizer Platform and BlockX Network

While we have covered what asset tokenization means and which assets can be tokenized in some of our previous posts, it is still worth mentioning that asset tokenization is one of the fastest-rising use cases of blockchain technology. Arts, real estate, oil, gold, bonds, securities, and countless assets can now be tokenized globally.

If you missed any of our previous posts, you can read them up here. You will find a bunch of works we have already written to bring you up to speed with the world of tokenized assets and how influential they are becoming as a means for corporate entities to raise needed funds.

In this post, we will be explaining the BCX token and how it is powering our tokenizer platform and the BlockX network.

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What is the Tokenizer Platform all about?

As the name implies, the Tokenizer platform is the dedicated platform of the BlockX network specialising in asset tokenization. It is a blockchain-powered asset and business tokenization platform that connects investors with exciting global opportunities.

Tokenizer provides end-to-end decentralized investment banking infrastructure on the blockchain. It helps organizations issue and manages asset-backed tokens, performs initial sales on regulated markets with set smart contract rules, and lastly, it creates an avenue where assets can become easily traded globally.

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, investors woke up to the brutal reality of traditional investment options and have been seeking new means to diversify portfolios ever since. As reported in this post, about 70% to 90% of investors now prefer to have between 15-20% of their cumulative investments in “alternative investment portfolios” outside regular stocks and bonds.

This is not surprising as these alternative investments are proving to be lucrative. The broad definition of an alternative asset may not be known, but the investments that fall into this area include insurance, oil, real estate, gold, and many more that could be traded as liquid tokenized securities on secondary exchanges.

You can discover some of the finest alternative investment opportunities on the Tokenizer platform and earn a meaningful year-on-year or month-on-month return. Some notable digital security listings on Tokenizer include BOHR crypto arbitrage fund, which is a quantitative fund that uses mathematical formulae to draw patterns in human behaviour to arbitrage market opportunities. In just 13 months, the fund has yielded about 77% in returns for investors. Similarly, you can purchase the Ripple Africa VC funds token, which supports young companies solving trillion-dollar problems in Africa. By investing in this token, you get access to the deep tech industrial innovation on the African continent.

You can register your interest in the offering on Tokenizer’s dedicated listing page at this link.

However, the entire operations of the tokenizer platform and the BlockX network is powered by the BCX token. The token performs utility functions in the entire BlockX ecosystem. Below, we have explained the functions of BCX in detail.

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BCX Utility Token for the BlockX Ecosystem

The BlockX network hinges on a tripodal landscape that includes the BlockX as a chain, Tokenizer as a platform, and the BCX as a token. These three components function symmetrically to create a well-established network.

Being at the base of it all, the BCX token serves multiple functions within the network. The BlockX network is used to settle gas and exchange fees and reward stakes and delegation by node validators.

At the same time, BCX fuels all transactional activities that take place on Tokenizer. All investors are required to hold quantities of the BCX token in order to be eligible to participate in IDOs and security token purchases. Lucrative deals in real estate, government bonds, and security sales, and capital market investments, can all be done using the BCX token.

Additionally, BCX tokens can also be traded on secondary exchanges. Since they hold the values of a certain existing asset, BCX makes exchange easy and quick, and in some cases, can even be used as collateral for loans and insurance. The possibilities are quite plentiful.

As a holder of BCX, you would be able to leverage its underlying blockchain to conduct transactions, and at the same time, you will be able to make meaningful investments on the Tokenizer platform.

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You can participate in the ongoing token pre-sale to become a proud holder of the BCX token following this link.

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